The roof of your home is extremely important since it is essential for protecting the home and its inhabitants from the elements. It is extremely important that you maintain and clean it on a regular basis in order for it to last as many years as possible. If you avoid maintaining and cleaning it, then you will eventually have problems and may end up having to restore or even replace it. Your roof is an investment and in order to make the most out of it, you will have to care for it. We will now dive deeper into why, when and how you should clean your roof.

No matter what type of material your roof is made up of, it will become discolored as time goes by. This discoloration could be due to a build up of dirt, sediment from rain, weather, algae, mold etc. This is very unappealing to look at so you should definitely clean your roof so that it always looks clean and in great condition. Also, if you have algae on your roof, it can actually damage your roof if left untreated. A build up of moss, mold and mildew won’t immediately impact your roof, however, over time they will cause your roof to get damaged and break down much faster.

The next question that we have to look at is when you should have your roof cleaned. If you have a new roof, then you don’t need to have it cleaned until it is about 2 years old. However, if you have an older roof, then it is recommended that you get it cleaned once every year. This is sufficient time to detect any problems before they become worse and more expensive to fix.

As you can see, cleaning your roof is extremely important. However, you may be wondering, exactly how to go about cleaning it. It is quite dangerous to clean your roof on your own since you’ll need to use a ladder to access it. However, if you prefer the DIY route, you will need to get a sturdy ladder that is tall enough for you to climb onto your roof. You will also need protective wear, gloves, safety shoes and a harness to ensure you are safe from falls. Next, once there are branches overhanging on your roof, you will need to trim them first. These branches could actually damage your roof by ripping out shingles. In a storm, these branches can fall on your roof and cause damage.

When it comes to actually cleaning, you can create a mixture of water and bleach in equal amounts. This mixture can be placed in a spray can and sprayed onto the roof. This will easily clean off dirt, mold, mildew etc. Cleaning your roof on your own is a very difficult, tiring and hazardous job and it is best that you leave it to the professionals. There are many roof cleaning companies that can get this job done thoroughly and safely. All you need to do is get a couple of quotations and choose the company that offers the best value for your money.